February 18, 2012

Domestic Kool-Aid

Hi there.

I live in Bulgaria and I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I am a wife to Randall.

I am a dog fanatic.  Liza is proof of that.

I have slightly more time on my hands than I did in the US.

That's part of the reason why we're Peace Corps Volunteers.

Less stress.  More life.

I was caught off guard, though.

I now love to sew, bake, and cook.

My love for sewing and baking has been brewing for a while.

Who doesn't love a good cookie and a new purse?

But, I love to cook?  Me?  Yeah, right. 

Seriously.  My cutting board, mixing bowl, chef's knife, lemon juicer, spatula, and apron have never been so busy.

On top of that, my sewing machine needs re-oiling, and there's nothing more I'd love out of storage in the US than my Kitchen Aid.


So, I want this blog to be a recipe book.

A sewing-pattern collection.

My creativity.

My domestic aspirations.

Like, I want to successfully make bread by hand.

I want to make a tasty cheesecake.  Randall loves cheesecake.

I want to grow my own herb garden.  Hello?  They're free.

And, I want to sew a piece of clothing.  Not just straight lines.

Randall says it takes about 10 years to master a trade.

So, start the countdown timer.

Bottoms up!  I've drunk the domestic kool-aid.


  1. Joy, You are an amazing Lady, I am lucky to have you as a daughter and Randall is blessed to have you as a wife. I love you. Dad

    1. Thanks, Dad! Your encouragement means the world! Love you, Joy